The Short Story

It all started back in 1983 when I at the age of 5 got my first computer – a Spectrum ZX81. My now late brother was an avid programmer and he showed me the wonderful world of what computers can do. I learned by doing and has since explored almost all areas of computers and IT.

Around 1999 I realized that the perfect way for me to use computers is mainly as a tool to create beautiful things. I learned how to design, and how to get the design to work. And that is what I have been doing since – designing everything from logotypes, club flyers and annual reports to user interfaces, apps, full web sites and much more. I have mainly worked as freelance but also engaged in numerous companies as a consultant.

As a member of the founding team behind – Sweden’s largest deal site with over 1.2 million members – I am currently working part time with graphic design and UI/UX in everything from our new app and mobile web to print campaigns and merchandise.

In June 2014 I moved to London toghether with my fiancée. Whilst continuing my work for I am on the constant outlook for new exciting projects where my expertise might suit you. I operate as a freelancer within my UK company – Cut 58 Ltd, and in Sweden as Tuleby Grafiska AB.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any inquiries – large or small.

The Full Monty

A versatile one-man creative agency

One of my strengths is that I am basically a one-man creative agency with basic knowledge within a vast array of useful areas, and expert knowledge in many design areas. I have lots of experience in print, web design, UX design, image editing, package design and much more.

No matter how much you learn though, as a designer you have to have the gut feeling of what looks good and how to change things that don’t in to a more beautiful ditto – and I do. I got an eye for detail and the feeling of when the design is just right.

Design can be so much more than just the varnish though. Design is often also about having deeper understanding of what’s going on under the hood, and that is something I always strive for.

Other proficiencies

My mother tounge is Swedish, and I am fluent in both spoken and written English with a Cambridge CAE exam passed A in 2012. I also have basic knowledge in German. 

I am perfectly comfortable in teaching role and would consider myself as a good and pedagogic instructor. At the age of 19 I worked for 2 years as teacher in IT and media for upper secondary school students (age 17/18) at Nils Ericsson-gymnasiet in Trollhättan, Sweden. At the same time I also worked evenings at adult education instition Folkuniverstitet – teaching basic web development and graphics. During my studies at Högskolan Väst in 2001-2002 I also worked part time as IT adminstrator and lecturer in Flash, Photoshop, Director and more.

Being a part of an exciting startup –

In March 2010 I joined 3 friends in a tech startup which later developed into the web site, a deal site similar to Groupon. Let’s deal has now grown to be Scandinavias largest deal site with more than a 1.5 million users in Sweden & Norway, doing great profit in both countreis. Let’s deal has a lovely corporate culture, extremly high customer satisfaction, and a really bright future!

To see the company grow from only the four of us in 2010 to a fantastic staff of over 85 people (May 2014) has been an overwhelming experience. The startup feeling has not been lost, it’s filled with many very competent and wonderful persons, and I have learnt so much during this time. Not only within areas such as art direction and UX and design but also business strategy, startup culture and much more.

Tobias as a person 

I am tall and blonde happy dude who is lucky to be working with what I like to do – to create, to design, and to get design to work. But I am also very passionate about my hobbies – of which I have way too many – photography, club music, fine food & wine, extreme sports, motorcycles, and probably more than anything else: traveling.

Professionally I am loyal, work great in teams, and always go that extra mile to get the results even better than expected.

Exams & Certificates

Bachelor of Social Media Science, with a Major in Informatics

3 year degree finished in 2 years during at University West between 2000-2002.

Some of the contents were Multimedia, UNIX systems, IT-law, CAD, Industrial Styling, Web technology, XML, 3D animation, “Advanced Production of Digital Information” and much more. My degree project was “How do Users Want to Pay for News on the Web? – A case study of”.

Certificate in Advanced English

Cambridge ESOL Level 3 Certificate, Grade A. June 2012.

CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) is a general proficiency examination in the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference.  Further details can be found at www.cambridgeesol.orq


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